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Foaming agent

Foaming agent

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Product Describe

Foaming filler is a single component, moisture curing, multi-purpose polyurethane foam filling elastic sealing material. The polyurethane prepolymer, catalyst and gas ejector are filled in the pressure resistant iron gas mist tank. In the construction, the aerosol colloid is ejected to the construction site by a matching glue gun or manual nozzle, and the process of forming, foaming, bonding and sealing is completed for a short time. In general, the dry time is within 10 minutes (room temperature 20 C). The total dry time varies with the ambient temperature and humidity. In general, the total dry time is about 4-6 hours in summer, and it takes 24 hours or longer to dry in winter. Its solidified foam elastomer has excellent properties such as adhesive, waterproof, heat-resistant expansion and contraction, heat insulation, sound insulation, even flame retardancy, and so on. It is widely used for filling and sealing of side seam of building doors and windows, expansion joints of components and holes. It is estimated that the service life is not less than ten years under normal conditions (and in the case of covering layer). The solidified foam has good elasticity and cohesive force at the temperature range of -10 - 80 C. The decoration wizard management system case shows the rapid and accurate display of various case pictures, through the intuitive way to let customers understand their needs, quickly make the customer needs budget, improve customer experience.

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