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MS glue

MS glue

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Product Describe

MS glue is also called silane modified polyether sealant. Due to no formaldehyde, no isocyanate, solvent free, nontoxic and tasteless, low VOC release and other outstanding environmental characteristics, environmental and human affinity, suitable for the vast majority of building materials, with good construction, adhesion, durability and weatherability, especially with non pollution and coating, in the building The ornaments have a wide range of applications.


Compared with the mainstream architectural sealants in the market, MS adhesive has the following characteristics:



1) health and environmental protection

The traditional sealant (silicone rubber), which contains solvents, releases formaldehyde and VOC (volatile organic compounds) and so on, which endanger people's physical and mental health. MS glue does not contain formaldehyde and isocyanate, solvent free, non-toxic, tasteless, and VOC release is far below national standards. It is the most environmentally friendly building adhesive product.


2) no pollution


Silicon oil is precipitated by traditional silicone sealant, which makes it attached to pollutants, especially when it is porous material such as stone and concrete. It is one of the main sources of the exterior pollution of the building, which greatly reduces the beauty and image value of the building, while the MS sealant has taken such defects in mechanism, and the same pollution will be produced.

3) cohesiveness


In silicone rubber, polyurethane adhesive and MS glue, silicone adhesive bonding force is relatively weak, polyurethane adhesive strength is strong, but it needs to be used with bottom coating, MS adhesive has excellent bonding properties, can adapt to the vast majority of building material, without bottom coating bonding.


4) weatherability

The molecular structure of MS glue determines its good weatherability. Long exposure in the outdoor still can maintain good elasticity, colloid itself will not produce bubbles, will not produce cracking, bond strength lasting as one, with good thixotropy and extrude, adapt to outdoor, indoor, humid, low temperature and other working environment.


5) finishing


The traditional silicone sealant can not be painted with paint. It often needs to be colored by the color of the colloid to keep the color of the exterior wall coating. Its production process is time-consuming and difficult. The only color is difficult to guarantee the same and the cost is difficult to control. MS sealant can be painted directly on the surface of the colloid, which is compatible with most of the coatings. At the same time, it can realize the unity of the color of the exterior wall, so as to keep the beauty of the main body of the building. In addition, the MS sealant does not pollute the surface of the coating, and the coating can also extend the service life of the sealant and reduce the overall cost.

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