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Message From The Chairman

Time flies, time flies. With the history of the pace of progress, East Hao plastic industry has gone through a few years of glorious history, to determine the "advancing with the times, take advantage of fast, self-improvement," the East Hao spirit. Formed a set of conceptual system, values and operating mechanism, creating a dare to fight tough battle, to win the battle of the cadres and workers, the new year, the climax of age.

In the future development of the road, we will continue to carry forward the "pursuit of excellence, sincere service" spirit of enterprise, adhere to today than tomorrow to do better, tomorrow than today to do better "work philosophy. Efforts to provide customers with a full range of quality Service. "Professional management, rational management" as a means to enable enterprises to achieve as soon as possible from the "economic" to "life" over.

The company's development and growth, all embodies the community friends understand and support, but also inseparable from the majority of new and old customers for many years of care and love. In this respect, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and high respect. At the same time, look forward to you continue to Donghao company to give care and support.

Looking to the future, long way to go, facing the increasingly open market environment. Hope and difficulties intertwined, opportunities and challenges coexist, we have several years of dare to dare to fight the cadres and the workforce, has accumulated many years of innovation mechanisms and systems, there are constantly new resource reserves, the rapid development of high-paying technology industry. East Hao people will be high posture and a new style, seize the opportunity to meet the challenges to accelerate the development of a brilliant century!

Our Mission
Enterprise Mission: unique technology, unique quality, unique service. Always adhere to the "quality of survival, technology and development" business principles!
Customer satisfaction is our goal, we will work together to create success. We are willing to join hands with our customers, build the dream of the future.
Let us this country "along the way" under the lead, to promote common development and achieve common prosperity and win-win cooperation!
People-oriented warm Donghao
  • In addition to providing a good environment and treatment in life, the company also provides a wide range of training, education, and strive to improve the basic quality of staff and business skills.The future of the enterprise is no longer just an economic organization, but with a considerable educational function, bear the growth of the staff to provide strong conditions for the new institutions.So that employees work in learning, learning at work, to achieve the real integration of personal and work is the only way for enterprises to create a better future.。
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